Used stamps exchanges.

You send 100 used stamps
to a random member
and you receive 100 back!

Stamps exchange CA-2865
07 January 2022
26 January 2022
Duration: 19 days
Feedback: 3 Stars
Photo by Ubozel
26 Jan 2022, 15:41:56
Thanks for the stamps and the extra, but too many stamps on paper, too many definitives, too many old stamps, too many common stamps, some damaged stamps. You even sent me French stamps! So it's disappointing, sorry.
26 Jan 2022, 17:27:57
czuczy66 is collecting older stamps. So people will send him older stamps and he has to trade with older ones. He always includes lots of extra stamps in his letters (my experience).
I think, a 3 would be fair :)
26 Jan 2022, 17:45:38
I see some valuable and nice stamps here. 2 star is not a friendly rating for a friendly member like czuczy66. If you dont like, Ubozel, rate at least 3, but 2 star is not really friendly. I ask you same question I do to others when rating 1-2 star : what is your benefit ?? what is your gain here ??
26 Jan 2022, 23:08:31
is there 100 different USED stamps, not according to size, age, shape and other parameters? Count off damaged ones. On paper is not against rules, but it is unpolite, unless stamps are self adhesive and hard to remove... 2 sounds harsh, but... everyone stands for their opinion. I would do it differently
28 Jan 2022, 10:37:37
It is hard to count on pictures like that, but it looks like there are over 100 stamps not on paper. That should be sufficient for a positive rating. The fact that they are old stamps, small stamps, green stamps or French stamps does not count. It's in the basic rules as you know. This rating of 2 causing this member problems in my opinion is simply unfair. I'd say, he we go again.
29 Jan 2022, 16:06:42
Come On !!! This is not rocket science.
1.) Are there 100 different stamps ?
2.) Are there 100 undamaged stamps ?
3.) Are there 100 used stamps ?

If you can answer "YES" to all three, then there should be a positive rating.

I, for one, am a little concerned about all the drama surrounding this topic. Danubius set up a very simple method of exchanging stamps. That's it !!! Blind trades are what they are. But, for obviously very personal reasons, some people choose to make up their own rules. This is one of the reasons why some folks have multiple accounts. It allows then to cancel trades when the demands are too high. I will be beginning to sacrifice trade limits so that I can trade with people who want to use this platform the way it was intended. There are a number of other options to establish trade partners. Merely look at your local stamp clubs.
31 Jan 2022, 18:37:33
@eynhallow > absolutely agree with you... giving 1 or 2 star is not really wishing to make new friends

@ubozel>> I would like to suggest you to modify this rating, you are blocking czuczy66, he will have his new slots cut and in case of finding a happy member like you, he will be simply out of the club, and this is not fair on my opinion... can you imagine all of us start to give 1-2 star evrybody ??
31 Jan 2022, 18:38:03
@eynhallow>> did you enjoy tennis in Australia with our Rafa Nadal ?? :)
01 Feb 2022, 13:36:12

you must always sweep in front of your door before taking care of that of others

bonne journée
17 Mar 2022, 14:54:09
I have just seen all the messages following my rating.
I am sorry if it caused trouble to czuczy66, so I updated it to 3.

Nevertheless, I was disappointed by his stamps because I don't collect very old stamps.
I know very well the club's rules and I take them into account before rating.
Recently, I received the same British and German stamps that everyone has, but I gave a 5 rating because it complied with the rules. Even though I wasn't that pleased to received these stamps.

In the present case, there were plenty of doubles and damaged stamps. Sorry.
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