Used stamps exchanges.

You send 100 used stamps
to a random member
and you receive 100 back!

Frequently asked questions
In progress limit
Letters are in progress until they are registered or for maximum 90 days when they are marked as expired.
There is a limit of how many in progress letters you can have based on the number of sent and confirmed letters you have so far.
The maximum limit for all members is based on the number of available members in the club and how active the are.
The limits now are:
For 0 sent - limit is 2
For 1 sent - limit is 3
For 3 sent - limit is 4
For 5 sent - limit is 5
For 10 sent - limit is 6
For 20 sent - limit is 7
For 30 sent - limit is 8
For 40 sent - limit is 9 (maximum)

Expired letters
Letters are marked as expired after 90 days. They can still be registered after this period.
After this time you can view your expired letters in the page "Stamps exchanges" section "Expired".
If a letter is not registered, it will be considered lost. The sender will not receive one letter back and the recepient will not get it's initial slot back.

Requesting an address
You can request an address of a member to whom to send a letter from the page "Send stamps". A random member will be selected.
The system will first try to select a member to whom you have not sent a letter before or it will try to find a member to whom you have sent the lowest number of letters.
Only members that have logged in in the last 14 days are considered for exchanges.

Rating system
When a letter is registered, you can give a rating of 1 to 5 stars.
1 an 2 stars are considered negative ratings.
3 stars is neutral.
4 and 5 stars are possitive ratings.
If a member has 1 low rating (1 or 2 stars) in the last 10 exchanges, that member will be limited to only 2 travelling letters.
And if a member has 2 low ratings in the last 10 exchanges, that member will be temporary suspended from sending new letters.

How to change a rating
Ratings can be changed from the page "Stamps exchanges" section "Received". You can change ratings of exchanges from the last 3 years.

How to improve a rating
If you have received a low rating and you want to improve it, you can contact your partner to find a solution.
For exaple you can agree to resend some of the stamps that were perhaps damaged.

How to temporarly suspend receiving letters
If you don't want your address to be assigned for new exchanges for a period of time, you can activate option "Stop assigning my address for new exchanges" from page "Exchange options".
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