Used stamps exchanges.

You send 100 used stamps
to a random member
and you receive 100 back!

Stamps exchange CA-2651
08 September 2021
19 September 2021
Duration: 11 days
Feedback: 4 Stars
Photo by csil
19 Sep 2021, 18:47:18
Message deleted
19 Sep 2021, 20:30:12
It is exactly because a very very large majority of them are mint that I gave 4 stars and because there are more than 100 stamps. It is for used stamps here ;-)
19 Sep 2021, 22:58:48
When somebody is sending you so many mint stamps, paid a lot of money, but it Seems caviar is not for a pig,s mouth
20 Sep 2021, 11:48:30
@francescpf; it isn't about the money someone spent. This club is a used stamp exchange club, so why send mint? I would have done exactly the same as csil. I don't collect mint stamps, so I simply don't want them.
20 Sep 2021, 12:10:08
@jeannette when somebody sents mint stamps is doing an effort to please you but it is clear that not everybody is as gentle
why send mind ?? I send mint to many friends in this club and they appreciate it but, complaining of sending more than 100 stamps and complaining of sending mint stamps ?? come on !!! for me this is really insulting

@czuczy : dont worry, not everybody will do it like this
20 Sep 2021, 14:58:31
I do not complain there are more than 100 stamps. It is because there are more than 100 stamps that I rate it 4 and not lower. Note that 4 is still a positive rating.
It is clear that this club is for used stamps. If there are few mint stamps by mistake, it is OK but not so much.
20 Sep 2021, 15:07:36
100 used stamps.
Unique stamps, no doubles.
Stamps in good condition.
You can include extra surprises

20 Sep 2021, 16:13:03
Sender, keep in mind 5 stars for this lot)
"MINT YES" keywords note added in my profile for next period
20 Sep 2021, 16:27:13
czuczy66 is taking a risk by sending mint stamps. I would have given 5* for this lot.

But can imagine giving a 4* rating, from csil's point of view think its a fair rating.
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