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Stamps exchange IL-427
10 December 2021
25 January 2022
Duration: 45 days
Feedback: 3 Stars
Photo by edvasc
25 Jan 2022, 00:30:20
Just 99 stamps ...
3 identical stamps on envelope cover (and that same stamp also sent inside, as part of the 99)
25 Jan 2022, 09:57:48
What is the problem with cover?? I see a nice choice of stamps.
25 Jan 2022, 12:02:30
1) Odkdy se počítají známky na obálce.
2) Pokud by byla jen jedna chybějící známka tak bych dal 5 hvězd s příslušnou výtkou.
3) U předchozích zásilkách s 3 hvězdami také není jasné zdůvodnění - na obrázku není vidět nic poškozeného.
* Takovému členu bych zrušil výměnu.

1) Seit wann zählen die Briefmarken auf dem Umschlag?
2) Wenn es nur eine fehlende Note gäbe, würde ich 5 Sterne geben, mit einer entsprechenden Rüge.
3) Bei früheren Sendungen mit 3 Sternen ist die Begründung auch nicht klar - auf dem Bild ist nichts beschädigt.
* Ich würde den Austausch für ein solches Mitglied abbrechen.

1) Since when do the stamps on the envelope count.
2) If there was only one missing mark I would give 5 stars with an appropriate reprimand.
3) For previous shipments with 3 stars, the reasoning is also not clear - the picture shows nothing damaged.
* I would cancel the exchange for such a member.

By DeepL Translator

25 Jan 2022, 12:22:52
@JOHNPETER I agree with you. Boka has sent really nice stamps. I see 3 complete or almost complete sets from Israel. Israel stamps are very appreciated in the market. Other nice ones from Japan. One Spain Franco 40's stamp... in general, a nice selection. 99?? who minds ?? this is not a reason to rate 3 star to anyone. We support you Boka. Shalom :)
25 Jan 2022, 19:39:14
I could have given a 5*
But Eduardo has a point. At least put 100 stamps in the envelope. That's not too difficult...

@John Peter
1) Could be a reason to give a higher rating, not for a lower. In this case I can imagine that Eduardo is a bit disapointed because he also received the stamps in the 99.
2) true
3) not true, Eduardo gave a short explanation under the picture and you can see some arrows in the picture pointing at the damaged stamps. Think he is clear. But you can disagree about the rating. As said I could have given a 5.
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