Used stamps exchanges.

You send 100 used stamps
to a random member
and you receive 100 back!

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sending to the same person in 25 and 100 stamps club
03 Sep 2021, 02:42:30
Like many of you, I’m in the 25, 50 and 100 stamps club.
After sending 50 stamps to a Slovakian, I am now registered to send both 25 and 100 stamps to the same person. I’m not able to cancel as I have to wait a certain period before I’m eligible. Is there any other way to skip or cancel the exchange-it doesn’t seem fair the same person gets 175 stamps from me.
08 Sep 2021, 12:23:54

It is fair; the address is picked randomly in either of the clubs.
It is the result of registering yourselves in 3 clubs :).
06 Sep 2021, 14:28:41
Hello :)

this is a very common situation, dont worry :)
Im here with my son, and sometimes, we even have duplicated persons in diferents clubs.
Many times, he and me hve the same person to send i n100 stamps club and also in other club.

No problem !! We prepare 4 diferents envelopes and pack them.
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