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Stamps exchange RU-1704
03 April 2020
30 June 2020
Duration: 88 days
Feedback: 2 Stars
Photo by MadFellow
30 Jun 2020, 17:53:17
Too much damaged, 5 CTO, very usual stamps. No Interest
01 Jul 2020, 14:31:19
Thank you for your hard assessment. I may have earned this rating, but I didn't break the site's rules. In addition, I sent what you requested. 5 CTO is 5 marks of my country. The rest of the stamps are in good condition. They are better than other collectors send me.
01 Jul 2020, 14:40:37
It seems that this rating is retribution for the fact that I gave a negative mark to another participant. You definitely wouldn't want to get these stamps for yourself. if We want something from club, we're gonna keep it friendly. Best regards. Andrew
01 Jul 2020, 17:47:09
if you make parallels with your sending rating BE-1029 (2*) is this MUCH worse...
02 Jul 2020, 10:53:14
In this way giving stars you destroy the stamps club

Auf diese Weise Sterne geben Sie zerstören den Briefmarkenclub

Tímto způsobem dávání hvězd stampsclub zničíte.
02 Jul 2020, 12:11:07
In this way giving such stamps, you destroy the stamps club...
02 Jul 2020, 15:32:17
I agree, MadFellow; why bother sending stuff everyone of us already has plenty of? I wouldn't think of sending such stamps. I keep an ice container on my deks which I fill with all unwanted stamps I get from exchanges in this group. I don't kid you: it's full by now with useless stamps. The only thing I can do with this box is throw it away. I just kept them to see what rubbish some people send. I can live with 10 or so in one sending, they will get 5 stars if the rest is ok, if they mail their cover with a nice, recent stamp (instead of re using old ones or using a label) and write a few notes (instead of only the ID). Otherwise they get 4 and sometimes 3. Last year I stopped for a couple of months just because of this. There are people who get their expections too high: they only want very specific countries/periods and on the other hand there are people who have prepared lots and send them out randomly. Why send me 30 Dutch defins? At least look at where your partner lives. If everyone just accepts to get 100 good stamps, with a low percentage of definitives and if everyone would just send that, this club would be really wonderful! This idea is still great, but some people just screw up.
02 Jul 2020, 17:54:43
I totally agree with Jeannette and MadFellow. When I receive stamps, I throw away all that are too common. Why keep them in circulation? Nobody wants them.
02 Jul 2020, 17:58:21
I completely agree.
Where is the "pleasure" ? To receive a letter wiht 100+ good stamps, one surprise (1 unfamliary country, old stamps, litte gift ...), a philatelic stamp on the envelope (not only adhesive, not only defins),
I know sometimes it may be difficult for a newbee ... in this case, i encourage by a good note !
I just received 2 mailings, made with passion (short word, good stamps on enveloppe, 100+ stamps), even if for the one of two I already have 95% of these stamps ... They got the note of 5 ... as always in this case. They made me want to continue with the club!
02 Jul 2020, 18:30:20
i agree with most said here...
with some of you, we developed true connections and we proceed via private exchanges

material, that i receive and it is rubbish for me - i take them to local school philatelic club and make kids extra happy - i advise you do the same instead of throwing them away!
02 Jul 2020, 21:23:23
Вы пишите о письме ,если правильно я понял,,которое можно написать и отправить вместе с почтовыми марками.хорошо,нет проблем,но я могу писать на русском и я не уверен что 90 %поймут ,что я написал.однако,русский язык является мировым языком!вот как пример-много ли поймут ,что я написал.удачи
03 Jul 2020, 03:55:53
Beste Igor, met Google vertalen komt een mens een heel eind :).
03 Jul 2020, 19:49:45
Tudi jaz lahko pišem v najlepšem jeziku... potem si pa sami prevajajte ;)
05 Jul 2020, 02:08:48
Я понял, что вы написали Игорь, и мне не нужен переводчик. :-)
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