Used stamps exchanges.

You send 100 used stamps
to a random member
and you receive 100 back!

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Didn't know I had blocked Memebers
25 Aug 2022, 23:16:13
So how I came across a section of this site that I had 12 block members for a reason that the letter never arrived. I can understand letters got lost, stolen and mistake on my part, not provide correct address. It has been three days trying to get send stamps, once I remove the block members I got two right away.
My point is, check that section, blocked members, there might be someone that should not be blocked. Most case you will get that member that you haven't seen in a long time.
31 Oct 2022, 07:46:31
I added this page with blocked members so that you you can see the list and you can also unblock a member by using the Delete button that will remove that member from the list.

Members are blocked in several situations:
- When you cancel an exchange
- When you give a rating of 3 or less
- Recently there is also an option "Block this member from future exchanges." when you register an exchange.
- When an exchange is marked as expired. (after 90 days)

Blocked members don't know they have been blocked, except for those situations when they receive a low rating or when they register an expired exchange.

When a member is blocked you will not receive nor send to that member.
28 Oct 2022, 23:26:47
How do you unblock a member?
I have 22 blocked members that I didn't even know I had, some need to be unblock right away while others may stay that way.
28 Aug 2022, 19:25:10
it's a (bad) trip down memory lane ;-)
but the good news is that there are
- many deleted accounts
- members who haven't been active for a while

but also some members that I unblocked immediately, and as Pam said they will receive soon 100 stamps from me.
28 Aug 2022, 15:55:06
Thanks for flagging this up, Pam! I had many people in this section as I have been here a long time and have rated people 3 or less.
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