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Stamps exchanges
Exchange SK-292
Username: branoham
Country: Slovakia
Sent: 11 October 2018
Username: Andrew
Country: Russia
Received: 07 November 2018
Duration: 26 days
Feedback: 2 Stars
08 Nov 2018, 20:18:11
hard to see what is bad here; look like a very nice lot
09 Nov 2018, 15:24:48
What is wrong with these stamps? Some members are worried more about the back of stamps than what is on the front. When I mount my stamps in my albums, I never see the back. This doesnt look like it deserves 2 stars.
09 Nov 2018, 19:47:19
The upside down stamps are really damaged. You can see them better if download the photo and use your view-zoom-program. Compare with this swap: