Used stamps exchanges.

You send 100 used stamps
to a random member
and you receive 100 back!

Stamps exchanges
Exchange RU-651
Username: olgasergeevna
Country: Russia
Sent: 07 May 2018
Username: coronator
Country: Spain
Received: 04 June 2018
Duration: 27 days
Feedback: 3 Stars
Photo by coronator
04 Jun 2018, 23:09:16
The stamps must be different, paperless and in perfect condition.

Sorry, this shipment is not acceptable.
05 Jun 2018, 10:43:44
coronator, would you tell how many stamps are there in the right down corner heap?
05 Jun 2018, 13:31:27
In total there are 100 stamps.
05 Jun 2018, 14:24:04
Yo los devolveria
05 Jun 2018, 16:14:55
Actually, it's not forbidden to send stamps with paper in this club because the rules don't say anything about it.