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Stamps exchange BE-1029
09 April 2020
28 June 2020
Duration: 79 days
Feedback: 2 Stars
Photo by Andrew
28 Jun 2020, 07:16:38
Половина марок - дефинитив (стандартные).
28 Jun 2020, 07:23:00
Вы пишите: "I would like to receive stamps from India Belgium Israel Singapore Hong Kong Switzerland Netherlands Luxembourg Great Britain after the years 2004 Also am interested in First Flight Covers Please no definitives ,no C T O no stamps from Eastern Bloc". Сами отправляете марки не по моим темам, в безобразном состоянии, половина стандартные, Все марки до 2004 года, а большинство до 1980 года.
28 Jun 2020, 20:16:11
115 stamps ... are 15 as a gift, you can ignore the 7 supposedly damaged, and some duplicates and there are still some to discount definitive ones. Everyone's wishes do not score: they are just wishes. They are not exceptional stamps but they are not that bad either. I consider that it is not a fair score that prevents the partner from continuing to exchange stamps. 4 is fine but would accept a 3.
115 stamps... son 15 de regalo, se pueden ignorar los 7 supuestamente dañados, y algún duplicado y aun sobran algunos para descontar definitivos. Los deseos de cada uno no puntúan: solo son deseos. No son sellos excepcionales pero tampoco son tan malos. Considero que es una puntuación injusta que impide al compañero seguir intercambiando sellos. Un 4 está bien pero aceptaría un 3.
28 Jun 2020, 21:44:08
Pedro, I think Andrews point is more that this is a selection from someone who is very specific (only a couple of countries and then also after 2004, no CTO and no definitives) and that he sends very common older definitives and very common older commemorative stamps. I can feel with Andrew. If you are so picky, at least don't send your unwanted stuff to others. Wantslists are very specific these days: everyone seem to dislike stamps before 2010; but I have lots of these because people keep sending them to me... I don't give negatives for that, but I can't keep sending all very recent simple because I don't have them either.
29 Jun 2020, 11:37:02
I am with you, Jeanette!
By the way, Pedro himself has an average of 3.85 !!!
No more else to say...
29 Jun 2020, 11:43:49
Sorry, Pedro. I didn't mean you.
I have not read Jeanette's comment carefully.
Sorry again :)
29 Jun 2020, 13:59:52
It's true what you say, Jeanette.
29 Jun 2020, 14:03:46

It is also true what you say wuff, I cannot question my score, but my preferences are quite simple "Old, recent, small, large, commemorative, definitive, from any country. I collect stamps.". They don't measure me with those criteria when scoring me.
29 Jun 2020, 14:04:49

However I always score very well.
29 Jun 2020, 14:07:51

Andrew, I still think 3 is better. But I understand your reasons.
30 Jun 2020, 18:24:09
Stamps are not excellent but there are 100+ different stamps. No violation of the rules.
3 stars is fair.
Rajen could have done better if he tried to fullfill at least some of Andrews wishes, like Jeanette I think Andrew has a point here
01 Jul 2020, 14:12:03
I always give an excellent rating when I get at least half of the stamps on my topic. You sent most of the stamps in a disgusting state with curved corners, smeared cancels, with spots. You just got rid of the garbage. I didn't want those stamps. Where do I put them now? Most stamps are not suitable for collecting.
02 Jul 2020, 10:54:03
In this way giving stars you destroy the stamps club

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